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During the days 21, 22, 23 and 24 of October, the seminar given by Sensei Bob Nash (7th Dan JKF Wado Kai) was held in Madrid. Madrid, has received the visit of karatecas from different Spanish provinces, as well as … Continuar leyendo

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Bob Nash – Madrid (España) Info  Seminar Register Form. Bob Nash 2016 Wado  

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                        ORGANIZED BY: Pedro Pérez Ortiz. (3er Dan JKF WADO KAI) DIrector  02 KARATE WADO KAI Club. GRANADA.

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Events Schedule 2014

It is time to plan the new karate season 2014 using the Events Schedule you will find under Activities–>Calendar 2014 or directly at the following link: SeeCalendar. You can also access to GoogleCalendar for better viewing. You can participate in … Continuar leyendo

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Kata and Kumite Trainings

There will be specific High-level Wadokai Kata and Competition Kumite trainings during September and October weekends. These trainings delve into things are seing in class and also provide competition vision acting as preparatory for coming championships of the season. Ask … Continuar leyendo

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2013 Activities Schedule

It is already available in this web the new Schedule for season 2013 listing all the planned activities and its dates. For everybody interested in being up to date of the competitions, open trainings, courses, seminars, exams and any other … Continuar leyendo

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Camino a la Copa del Mundo 2010 (Nagoya-Japón)

Gracias a la medalla de bronce conseguida en el Campeonato de Europa, la delegación Española de WadoKai tiene pase directo a la copa del Mundo que se celebrará en Nagoya(Japón) los días 13,14,15 de Agosto 2010. Con motivo de dicha … Continuar leyendo

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