During the days 21, 22, 23 and 24 of October, the seminar given by Sensei Bob Nash (7th Dan JKF Wado Kai) was held in Madrid.

Madrid, has received the visit of karatecas from different Spanish provinces, as well as from other countries like Finland, UK, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden and Israel.


About 50 seminary participants have been able to enjoy the great pedagogical capacity of Sensei Bob Nash, who, through his detailed explanations, makes DOJO a continuous and rewarding learning center.

Bob Nash Sensei, during his courses, transfer the border of the Martial Art, to understand our body operation, for Karate Wado practice. The Seminars are enlivened by the perfect combination of physical work and theoretical explanation. It delves into the roots of our style, leading the student to a reasoned understanding of the particularities of Wado Karate.

The subjects discussed are diverse and of varying complexity. In the first room, basic techniques such as Jun Tsuki or Jodan Uke are analyzed for latter kihon work. Where it is defined, the reason for the different positions and transitions during its execution. In this respect, psychomotor explanations are fundamental to a correct understand. So that, Bob Nash Sensei, force the student to rethink his own execution of the different techniques.

For Kata’s work, the methodology is similar. It works with specific parts, which improve the student’s technique by focusing on a way of working the determined body. For this, Sensei, has used the Bunkai as a tool of explanation to analyze the movements. During the Seminar, Pinan Yondan, Kushanku and Naihanchi Katas has been analyzed and worked in depth. The execution of parts of Seishan Kata, have supported the Sensei explanations, for the improvement of the technique.

Pinan Yondan and Kushanku Kata took special care during the Seminar, as a fundamental part, of the JKF Wado Kai, First Dan Black Belt exams.

On Saturday afternoon, Dan JFK Wado Kai exams were given, obtaining the degree of First Dan Black Belt the following candidates: Pedro Domínguez Basquero, Ramón Florez Sánchez and Pedro Valentín del Olmo.

Sunday, open to all FMK karate practitioners, combined different styles on the same Tatami. Bob Nash Sensei explain, the peculiarities of our style, as well as the similarities with others, by the realization of Pinan Yondan kata.

In the words of Sensei Bob Nash, after the Seminar, “… we have homework for a few years.” Even if this is so, we hope to be able to count on his presence again, as soon as possible.


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